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Synthesis of Tri Calcium Silicates (C3S or TCS), Monoclinic, triclinic alite synthetic (MTAS) Calcium phosphates (C4P)

Research and development of synthetic minerals with controlled chemistry and mineralogy in the field of silicates, aluminates, phosphates, titanates… These synthetic minerals are devoted to laboratories involved in research in ceramics (structural ceramics, glass ceramics, bioceramics, medical and dental ceramics…)

Reference : Josette Camilleri, François Sorrentino, Denis Damidot "Investigation of the hydration and bioactivity of radiopacified tricalcium silicate, biodentine, and MTA angelus” published in Dental Materials.

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We provide minerals with a controlled chemical, mineralogical composition and reactivity

A network of experts provides technical assistance

Tailored compounds in the system lime, silica, alumina, phosphate..

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Technics of synthesis

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Adapted to the product: sintering, sol gel, coprecipitation, Pechini, combustion

Mineral Research Processing is the French leader company for the production of TCS as a precursor for ceramics

50 years of experience in the field of ceramics and high temperature chemistry

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